Hadiklaim has extensive experience shipping products throughout the globe. The company has the in-house resources to expedite shipment and ensure smooth door-to-door delivery.
For each shipment, the optimal transportation route and method 
are used.
We use air shipments, cooling containers, dry containers and refrigerator 
trucks to ensure the dates arrive at their destination on time, in perfect condition, and according to the client's budgetary framework. Typically, we use air shipments at the beginning of the season, ensuring an early start and a long season. 

A Program for Every Client Hadiklaim's sales and marketing strategy is to build long-lasting relations, often lasting decades. We work closely with each distributor and retailer to create a seasonal delivery plan that meets specific local needs. Then, we fulfill our commitments by using every means of conveyance to regularly deliver the desired quotas. We can ensure a constant yearly supply of almost every product - without requiring extensive storage resources on the customer end. Whatever your requirements, our distribution capabilities are dedicated to surpassing your expectations