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    The above folder contains eight colorful brochures with information in three different languages: English, German and French.

    Israel's date growers, weather in the Jordan Valley, the Beit Shean Valley or the Arava Desert, insist on some of the highest product standards in the industry. That is why they united to create Hadiklaim Ltd. - the Israel Date Growers Cooperative - the marketing arm of Israel's date industry.



Read more about dates, one of nature's most perfect food sources, in our brochures. All brochures are in PDF. format, giving you the option to print your own copy. In case you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, feel free to download it here.

Royal Delight King Solomon Medjoul dates

Three times the size of the average date, these dates once graced only the tables of Arabia's royal palaces.

Nature's Choice Bio Organic Dates

Organic farmers in the Jordan River Valley and the Arava desert produce chemical free' dates.

The More the Merrier Market bulk packs

All varieties are available year-round in economical bulk packaging adapted for sale in open markets.

Year-Round Freshness Hayani

There is nothing as delicious and nutritious as Jordan River Natural Hayani Dates.

Sun-Ripened Dates Barhi, Deglet Nour, Hayani, Zahidi

Jordan River Sun-Ripened Dates on branches are the first dates of the season.

Dessert Specialties Date products

Silan date honey is a pure natural liquid sweetener and filling pressed from naturally moist dates.

Nature's Sweetest Gift Assortment of consumer packed dates

Nature's gift dates are beautifully packaged, natural and super-fresh.