Dates? What does the word bring to your mind?

A fruit that is the essence of desert romance. 
Think of the desert. The sun. Precious water producing precious fruit.
A romantic fruit, inspiring poetry since Biblical times. 
A life-sustaining fruit, an essential desert food full of untold nutritional value. 

A fruit oozing with nutrients. 
Healthy, fresh, free of unnecessary additives. 
One of the best sources of fiber and potassium.
One of the best snacks you can find.

A fruit of unparalleled natural sweetness. 
A taste that is hard to define, impossible to forget. 
An amber-colored, silky juiciness. A fresh and delicate aroma.

What can we do with this delicacy?
Eat it fresh. As is. Straight from the desert to your table. 
Savor it at room temperature. The texture will be creamy, the fragrance at its fullest.
Chill it. A delectable summer surprise. Crisp, fresh, never too sweet. 

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